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Goats Milk Lotion

Cherry Almond Goats Milk Lotion

This classic scent is reminiscent of your grandma's lotion, but this one is moisturizing without using questionable chemicals! This is one of our most popular scents.

Dr. LaMar's Breathe Easy Goats Milk Lotion

This lotion was originally made to replace the vapo-rub in my medicine cabinet. The lotion is made with an aromatic blend of essential oils and is perfect to use to clear your sinuses when you have a cold or the flu. Since it has a fresh, clean scent it doesn't have to be reserved for when you are under the weather!

Honeysuckle Goats Milk Lotion

This wonderful scent will take you back to sultry summer evenings in the country.

Irish Tweed Goats Milk Lotion

For those of you interested in a sophisticated scent, this is for you. The fragrance elegantly combines woody freshness and pure masculinity. This highly moisturizing lotion leaves your skin hydrated and smelling awesome!

Lavender Goats Milk Lotion

This moisturizing goats milk lotion is scented with lavender essential oil. For centuries lavender essential oil has been used for its antimicrobial, sedative and calming properties. We like to use it after bathing to moisturize and scent the skin.

Olivia's Baby Lotion

This is a classic scented baby lotion that is made with goats milk so that it will moisturize and nourish your baby's skin. I made this lotion for my granddaughter, Olivia. As you can imagine, only the finest ingredients were used!

Orange Patchouli Goats Milk Lotion

For all you patchouli fans, this is a wonderful citrusy pairing of sweet orange essential oil along with your favorite patchouli fragrance! It is delightful combination of a fresh orange peel - juicy, ripe and delicious - mixed with patchouli's deep earthy scent.

Peony Goats Milk Lotion

The fresh, soft, floral notes of peony are uplifting and calming. This delicate fragrance is sure to become one of your favorites!

Peppermint Vanilla Goats Milk Lotion

This lotion is s delightful blend of cooling peppermint essential oil mixed with a sweet vanilla fragrance. It is cooling when applied to your skin and has a lingering sweet peppermint scent.

Unscented Goats Milk Lotion

This unscented lotion is absorbed quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. Since it doesn't contain any fragrance, it is perfect to use as a facial moisturizer, but feel free to use it as a body lotion. People with eczema-prone skin have found that it deeply moisturizes without irritating sensitive areas.

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