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This goatsmilk soap is made in small batches from jewelweed harvested on our farm in Posey County Indiana.  Jewelweed has been used for hundreds of years as an antidote for poison ivy.  We infuse organic olive oil with the jewelweed and make this soap with the oil.  You can use it to help prevent poison ivy by lathering it on exposed skin and letting it dry before going out. After being exposed to poison ivy, wash the area thoroughly with the jewelweed soap and rinse liberally with cool water.  If you do happen to get poison ivy, you can wet the bar, rub it on the affected area and let the lather dry.  It will help with the itching and help dry up the rash.

Jewelweed Soap

SKU: 0012
  • Discontinue use and see a healthcare practitioner if your rash doesn't improve.  Keep out of the eyes.

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